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Rudraksha signifies “Eyes of Shiva” and also haves strength of mystical, spiritual as well as medicinal powers that provides better life for wearer. Shiva Mahapurana depicts Rudraksha beginning as Lord Shiva’s tear. The bead give astrological advantages and trusts that the wearer of Rudraksha is always untouched by sins, impious thoughts and deeds. The forces of Rudraksha relates with the quantity of mukhi or appearances the beads have. The Rudraksha beads haves various appearances extends from 1-38. From 1 to 14 mukhi, Gauri Shankar and also Ganesh Rudraksha is the two generally prominents.

Eight-faces of Rudraksha / 8 Mukhi Rudraksha

The divinity of Eight-face Rudraksha is Lord Ganesha thus the individual wearing this will never have any obstacles in his way as well as will enjoy proficient achievement. In astrology, it trusts that this bead fixes the contrary impacts of Rahu as well as it is magnificent for individuals having Sarpa Dosha in their horoscope charts. And also, This is a beneficial bead.

Nine-confronts of Rudraksha/9 Mukhi Rudraksha

The representing to god is Aadhya Shakti Maa. This bead is worn by Devi Bhaktas as well as it develops tolerance in the wearer. The negative impacts of Ketu constrains by this bead and also it supports in learning the foreign languages.

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Ten-confronts of Rudraksha/10 Mukhi Rudraksha

Ruler Mahavishnu views as the God of Ten-faced Rudraksha. Makes a feel of security, this bead encourages the wearer to conquer troublesome occasions. There is no ruling planet for this bead and also gives the intensity of focus to the wearer.

Eleven-faces of Rudraksha / 11 Mukhi Rudraksha

The representing deity of of Eleven-face Rudraksha is Lord Aanjaneya or Hanuman. This bead is valuable for ladies; it gives her a minding well off spouse and honours with male progency. In terms of astrology, it shields the wearer from Aakal Mrityu or abrupt demise.

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Twelve-confronts of Rudraksha / 12 Mukhi Rudraksha

Ruler Surya is the god who represents to Twelve-face Rudraksha bead. The negative impacts of the Lord Sun controls and this bead helps in decision and also making a ground-breaking quality. This bead can be worn by the individuals who can’t gain a solitary confronts Rudrakasha as both have comparative impacts.

Thirteen-faces of Rudraksha / 13 Mukhi Rudraksha

The god represents to Thirteen-faced Rudraksha is Lord Indra, the Hindu God of Devas. It is an uncommon bead and showers the wearer with every comfort and authority. The wearer is proportional to a King and they become successful in testing circumstances.

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Fourteen-confronts of Rudraksha/14 Mukhi Rudraksha

The speaking to god is Lord Hanuman. It is an incredible bead and shows moment impacts. The first 14-confronted Rudraksha is exceptionally elusive. The negative impacts of the planet Saturn or Lord Shani constrains by this bead as well as the helps the wearer in accomplishing each challenging objectives.

Gauri Shankar Rudraksha

Gauri Shankar Rudraksha is a mix of two normally mixed Rudrakshas. The speaking to divinity is Lord Shiva and Mata Parwati. The Gauri Shankar Rudraksha shows up as a solitary Rudraksha piece mix with a blend of two Rudrakshas, with one Rudraksha over the other. This bead is powerful for couples looking for marital happiness. This Rudraksha has an incredible significance in astrology as well as is very prescribe by astrologers to people whose relational unions gets delays. It likewise keeps up harmony and peace and comfort in the family.

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Ganesh Rudraksha

The speaking to divinity is Lord Ganesha. The Ganesh Rudraksha views as a Rudraksha with a practically equivalent to Trunk like height as the Lord Ganesha. It pulls in insight, learning, judiciousness as well as matchless quality. It improves the focus level, memory control and also the feeling of equalization in an individual. This Rudraksha is very suggests for students.

Can I mix beads of rudraksha with different munki?

To wear different Rudraksha beads together is like asking whether I can wear different gemstones together. There is a science behind selecting which beads go together and how they are strung. For example in a Kantha mala of same mukhis, all beads follow same direction in clockwise manner but sumeru faces away. Pandit Uma Shanker suggest strongly to always go for recommendations in case of Rudraksha as well as gemstones as they are highly potent beads and also need an experts advice. But most don’t follow norms of bead selecting and stringing.

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For example, not many even don’t know how to distinguish a fake mukhi line or an under develop mukhi line or a dry or dead or filled bead that just does not work. 70% of Rudraksha come with under-develop lines and they don’t work. Most websites you find today sells those beads. Lots of fake Laboratories have sprung up offering certification for these beads. Innumerable websites have come up to sell these beads. Most of them operate from a single room with 1–2 staff but show a large presence on the web. Such precious items is not meant to be merely trade and sold. Its meant to be pass on to the client from knowledgeable hands. Thus, in Puranas it is written that Rudraksha should only be given by Gurus meaning ‘the learned ones’.

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Just as for gold, you will go to someone who is in this business since years with a credible name, similarly for Rudraksha as well as Gems you need to go to a trust worthy person who knows the sanctity of this and also whose experiences as well as knowledge about its selection and strings and also recommendations.

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