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From the very childhood the parents have to face innumerable trial and tribulations in deciding what sort of education to be given.

Now-a-days, schools are a test of parents and they have difficult time in getting little one admission to a suitable school. Schools no longer educate the child but teach him to read and write. Schools function only as literary centres, now there is a fashion to get the child admitted to a public school and the harassed parents go on shuttling from one school to another for admission.

Best psychic in Netherlands

Parents give donations but year after year put hard work and labour. The final results are far from satisfactory. After completion of secondary level, parents would like their children to do profession in which they are already prospering. So professions like doctor or engineer are prestigious one. The intention of the parents is to get back all the initial capital or worse through in the form of dowry demand. The child’s own aptitude is often not taken into account.

Best psychic in Netherlands

In short, parental ambition becomes the decisive factor. In this process of selection and consequent changes in the field of education, valuable time is wasted affecting children’s future prospects. It will be of immense value and great satisfaction for children, if parents take right decision at the right time in placing them in a suitable field considering the children’s aptitude and ability. In this direction astrology can help parents as a guiding factor for selecting a suitable course for their children.

Role of Horoscope:

Analysis of horoscope can be done with a view to locate and determine educational potential and profession. In a multi-disciplinary society tending towards micro-level of specialization is a difficult task before the astrologer but the process cannot be left unexplored as there exist time tested combinations which take us to the direction of locating the professional propensities through examination of birth chart. The astrological combinations are always being systematized so that the human potential should be put to individuals benefit. The astrological combinations attempt to identity, unify and integrate the potentials of mankind.

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