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Pandit Uma Shankar Ji is one of the Good medium in Netherlands for knowing about your future and your health issues.

Since ancient times, astrology and the horoscope have been used to track health problems and find ways to solve them. It is usually called medical astrology.

Your horoscope gives several clues to your health and what you might do to improve problems you may have with it.

Good medium in Netherlands

There are four major factors at work in the horoscope, also when it comes to health indicators: the what, how, where, and why:

  • Planetsand similar points in the horoscope show what happens, what active power is at work.
  • Zodiacsigns show how the planets act, the characteristics of the event.
  • Housesshow where in one life, in what environment the planets act is.
  • Aspects, the special angles between planets, show why the planets act as they do.

 It’s the same regarding your health horoscope.

Good medium in Netherlands

An obstructed planet can cause health problems linked to its own nature, and with the characteristics of the Zodiac sign the planet is in, usually in the body part governed by that Zodiac sign.

Your health problem will be particularly influential and apparent in the environment of the House the planet is in, and the reason for the planet causing trouble is seen in the aspects it forms to other planets – either those of your birth chart, or planets in the sky that form transit aspects to those in your chart.

That’s really all you need to examine in your health horoscope.

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